Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kitchen garden good news/updates

I joined a kitchen gardeners forum (affiliated with Kitchen Gardeners International) and got a message from my uncle in Missouri, who's also a member. That was an unexpected treat!

So, news, updates and lessons learned:

1) It's hard to find the best advice. As I noted in an earlier post, you can get very different advice on what is best from different sources. As I also noted, planting my dying lettuce seedlings in a container outdoors was the best thing for them--after continuing to look like they were dying for another two weeks, they suddenly started to rebound. Now I have a lettuce crop! If I'd known that would happen, I would have replanted more of the seedlings. My lettuce is now about 4" tall, and hubby says I should let it grow a few more inches before harvesting, but that hasn't stopped me from plucking a few leaves to eat them. :)

2) Along those lines, doing your own experimenting to decide the best course of action is important. Hubby bought two tomato start plants. I purchased some TerraCycle liquid worm poop especially for tomatoes, and we're using it on one of the plants to see whether or not it will produce a better result than the other plant by the end of the season.

3) Gardening really is important for kids. For Mother's Day, my daughter's day care had all the kids plant pansies for their mothers in flower pots that they decorated with their hand prints. My daughter loves watering and caring for her pansy! Also, she has watched me pinching off pieces of my herbs and eating them, and she's imitating me. I love seeing my picky eater plucking a bit of chives or a parsley leaf and eating it!

4) Our deck/terrace, despite facing north, has been the perfect place for our container garden! It gets plenty of sunlight, and being high off the ground, is keeping our veggies safe from deer, rabbits, and non-flying bugs 'n' slugs.

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