Friday, May 1, 2009

Another item for the wish list

In keeping with the concept of buying used, saving money, AND saving water, I have a new item for my wish list: a used rain barrel from Eagle Peak. Rain barrels obviously allow you to collect and store rain water, which you can then use to water your lawn or garden. Many rain barrels cost upwards of $100, and sometimes as much as $200-300, which is way out of our price range. Friends of ours in Seattle have a rain barrel which cost them $25, because the city subsidizes the cost for residents. No such benefit is available in Tacoma.

Recently, I decided to visit Amazon to do some comparison shopping and find their cheapest rain barrels. The best deals were by a company called Eagles Peak, whose new barrels sell for about $80. However, when I visited their web site, they sell used barrels very inexpensively (as low as $17.50 for a plain barrel, to up to $58 for a rain barrel system that includes a drain spout hookup and a basket to filter debris). It's still on the wish list for now (we are really broke), but at least I know I have options.

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