Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cute thrift store shopping story

I hadn't yet bought dear daughter a birthday present, and the one thing she's asked for is a GloE bear--a teddy bear that lights up when you squeeze it. So on the holiday yesterday, we headed for Toys R Us to buy one. Unfortunately, they were all sold out.

I also promised her a trip to our favorite thrift store, Value Village, where they were having a 50% off on all merchandise sale yesterday. So instead of one GloE bear, my daughter was able to get the following for her birthday:

* Two Care Bear dolls, one purple and one pink
* Two cute summer outfits, and a pretty top
* Two books
* A bracelet
* A video

In addition, Mommy got for herself:

* Three books
* A radio, so I can listen to music and progressive talk radio at work

All for $22!! So please support the petition for a National Thrift Store Month--my daughter thanks you!

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