Friday, December 31, 2010

Ragging on quinoa... again!

In my never-ending quest to find natural ways to manage my hair, I recently read a recipe for exfoliating one's scalp. The recipe called for mixing 1 TBSP of either quinoa or brown sugar with several tablespoons of conditioner, massaging that into your scalp, and rinsing it out, followed by washing your hair.

I have both quinoa and brown sugar in my pantry, but since I haven't yet made myself try the recipes recommendeded by readers of my "Why Quinoa Is Like Liver" post, I decided that I might as well use this healthy but (to me, anyway) foul-tasting grain for something.

I knew I'd made a big mistake as soon as I was finished. Quinoa, unlike brown sugar, doesn't dissolve in water. It was a bear trying to rinse the stuff out, and I'll probably be picking quinoa pellets out of my hair for days. Poor quinoa... it gets no love from Tacoma Green Mama!

On an upnote, I turned the job of combing out our daughter's hair to my husband several weeks ago, and he's become quite good at it, accomplishing the task with much more gentleness than I can achieve. And he graciously offered to comb out my hair tonight. Now that was a New Year's treat!

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