Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheap green tip: old socks = doll clothes

Are you like me? I have a bag of socks in my room, waiting in vain hope for their missing matches to turn up, or for me to darn them.

My mom gave my daughter a Baby Alive for Christmas. This toy has been around since I was a kid, but it still seems to be the rage among the 3-7 year old set.

Guess what? My daughter and I have discovered that old socks make great baby clothes! Cut off the toe, and then cut other holes for arms or legs, depending on what you want to make. My daughter's small socks make great underwear and tops, and my larger socks make great dresses, skirts and pants. And the cutoff toes can be used for mittens or socks--just secure to the doll's hands or feet with a small rubber band or scrunchy.

My daughter is now the envy of her friends, because she has the best dressed Baby Alive!

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