Friday, December 10, 2010

Dragging my family along on my green journey

OK, I admit it. I'm the big greenie in the family. But I love how my family comes along on the ride.

Not perfectly, of course. I have the hardest time getting my husband to remember to use reusable bags, even though I put them in his car. (Fortunately, I do most of the shopping in the family, so we don't collect many disposable bags).

But in other areas, my family has come a long way. For example, even though we keep a roll of recycled paper towels around the house (which lasts about 6 months), they've gotten used to using cloth towels and napkins.

But it's really cool when they start to love some of the green changes. My daughter loves helping me mix together my skin and hair care recipes. I never expected my husband to be more avid about gardening than I am. And he loves my homemade deodorant. As a big guy, it's been hard for him to find a deodorant that keeps him dry all day. My homemade stuff does the trick!

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