Monday, July 6, 2009

Update on bus route

The new bus schedules are out, and Pierce Transit hasn't gotten rid of the route that passes near my home, just shortened and re-routed it. It still passes by the schools. On the downside for me, it no longer stops two blocks from our home, and the stop by the schools is about a half hour walk for me.

The good news is that the new route passes by the shopping plaza that's a 10 minute drive from our home. The old route didn't stop there, so I could only get there previously if I or my husband drove there. At the shopping plaza, I can catch the bus to work and to one of Tacoma's main bus depots where I can transfer to buses all over town.

So now I have a longer walk to access public transportation at all, which sucks, because what happens if walking that distance is difficult for someone? It is for me on occasion, when an old knee injury flares up. The longer walk is also a problem when the weather's bad. But at least I can now access other buses and shopping more easily.

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