Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About those sunflowers...

I spoke to one of the Master Gardeners about a week ago, and he said we should leave them in the pot, reasoning that they were doing well where they are, and he added that their roots only grow about 6 inches deep, no matter how tall the plant. (Is that so? Not sure...)

However, my hubby and I have since concluded that they need to be replanted in the yard after all. After growing slowly since they were first planted, the two tallest ones (which still haven't bloomed yet) have grown another foot in one week. (So they may reach five feet this season after all). In addition, the one that had bloomed is now dying, and I think it's because the others, now taller, are blocking its access to sunlight.

So I told our daughter that we're going to plant them in the yard tonight. Wish us luck, and may my little one's sunflowers survive!