Sunday, July 5, 2009

The deer have paid us a visit!

About a week ago, we had a guy coming to power-wash the house, so we had to remove everything from the deck. This included all of our container plants. Hubby placed them in the yard, actually planting his tomatoes and green beans in the yard, but leaving the sunflowers, lettuce, and herbs in their containers. Everything seemed to be doing well, so we left them there.

(Side note: our friends Johnny and Michelle visited one day after we moved these things to the yard. On the downside, they told me that my spinach, which I planted about a month after everything else, had gone to seed. On the upside, they noticed that we had blueberry bushes growing in our yard. We love blueberries and are trying to figure out how we didn't notice them last summer).

Anyway, the deer paid us a visit this morning, leaving big footprints in the soil. They ate all the ripe blueberries (Hey! Maybe the deer ate all the blueberries last summer before we noticed!), and all the unripe tomatoes -- and oddly, left all the green leafy veggies alone.

So now hubby is going to look into some fencing. Since the plants did just fine on our north-facing deck, we think they'll do just as well along the west side of the house where they are now, and it's a smaller and easier area to fence in than the southern front yard where we had originally thought to plant.

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