Thursday, February 19, 2009

Healthy and Safe Disinfectants

A friend sent me this info in an email:

Now that we have a baby, I went looking for a ‘green’ disinfectant; something non-toxic that would still kill germs like bleach and other strong disinfectants do.

To my surprise, I found two: one called Benefect, and another one called PureGreen24.

They are EPA certified disinfectants, and gov’t approved for use in hospitals and around children and pets and weakened immune systems, etc!

Here is a page comparing the two.

Spread the word… and here’s to our health!

UPDATE: Since I originally posted, I've learned some additional information. First, labeling either of these products as "food grade" is misleading; neither is meant to be sprayed on food or ingested. However, PureGreen24 is safe enough to be used on children's toys without a rinse. Second, PureGreen24 has an advantage over Benefect in that it kills MRSA, and Benefect doesn't make that claim. This last piece of info is especially meaningful to me, because we lived for a few months this summer with a relative who contracted MRSA post-surgery, and I was constantly worried about my three-year-old's exposure.


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