Saturday, August 7, 2010

I visited Alaffia!

I had a meeting in Olympia Wednesday, and since Lacey, WA, the location of the headquarters of Alaffia, is between Tacoma and Olympia, I decided to visit. Their offices are beautifully decorated with African art and large photographs of the women's cooperative in Togo that produces the shea butter and other ingredients for their products, and of the women and children assisted by Alaffia's donations for maternal health and education in Africa.

Unfortunately, the staff was very busy that day and could not give me a tour of their production facilities, but I did get a chance to buy one of their new Beautiful Curls products, their Nourishing Shea Butter Leave-In & De-Tangler (for babies and up). It was $12 for a 12 oz bottle, so a pretty reasonable deal.

After trying it, I still need something stronger--my hair, like my skin, is a desert that sucks moisture up and begs for more--but it worked beautifully to soften and condition my daughter's hair. The best part about it is the heavenly smell, NOT created by synthetic (and often toxic) 'fragrance'! Instead, the product is scented with vanilla flower extract and mango extract. Orders have just started coming in for their Beautiful Curls line of hair care products, so they are not yet in the stores, but the woman who sold me the bottle encouraged me to tell my local stores (in my case, Marlene's and Super Supplements) to carry it. So Bravo, Alaffia!

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