Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magic Bullet yum yum!

You may have seen the Magic Bullet blender informercials on TV--you know, $99.99 in 3 easy payments and it does miracles in the kitchen.

Well, I bought one as my "after Christmas" present to myself. Not at full-price, however, and certainly not via phone (I've been burned by buying shoddy informercial products before). Instead, I'd had my eye on the Bullet for $59.99 at Costco for a while, and when I saw it there after Christmas discounted to $39.99, I snapped it up!

No, it doesn't do magic. It takes more than the ten seconds to make something that the ads suggest, and everything in their recipe book doesn't turn out as well as they claim (whipped cream, for instance). But it does work well for most things and is much easier to use and clean than a regular blender--enough that I can honestly say I love having it. I use it to make guacamole, hummus, milk shakes and smoothies, and to blend fruit and veggies for other recipes.

A friend brought us some plums from the tree in his yard, and I used it today to chop them up to make spiced plum bread. I love having an appliance on hand such that I can take an ingredient (e.g., plums), google a recipe, and know that I can whip it up without a problem.

Can I technically call this a green product? Given its small size, I'll bet it uses less energy than a traditional blender (and perhaps less water and dish soap, since it's simpler to clean), and it makes it much easier for me to cook from scratch, saving the processing and packaging that buying the food already prepared would cost. I think I'll answer my own question with a "Yes!"

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