Friday, June 19, 2009

A kindred spirit who's funnier than I am

From a link at Crunchy Chicken, I discovered Condo Blues today. Her tagline is, "Green Frugal Living That's Big on Style and Small on Budget." So the blogger is a kindred spirit in trying to go green on the cheap!

But even better, unlike my usual serious tone, she's funny! And totally relatable. Here she is in "Eco-confession," talking about the things she does that aren't green. She has a point: some things she does that aren't green are necessary in order to prevent worse eco-sins, e.g., wearing fleece so she doesn't have to turn up the heat, or buying non-organic and non-local because to get the local, organic stuff would require a lot more driving. In another great post, she talks about fighting green fatigue, and she's driven nuts by irritating green tips to!

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