Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

Is there another expression I can use? This one often has negative connotations, and I want to use it the most positive sense.

A short while ago, my boss pulled me into a meeting with a woman from the public health department, also named Amy. (When we first met, she said she was excited to meet another woman of color named Amy, since there aren't many of us!). The discussion turned to all the ways we want to work together to serve the community, in terms of preventing infant mortality, improving health, and improving the environment. It turns out that Amy's college thesis was on the topic of environmental justice in Tacoma. The upshot is that in the long term (meaning the next six months to two years), we want to plan and implement programs including a farmer's market, Hilltop Farms urban gardening, a support program for pregnant women and new mothers, nutrition classes at the local food pantry, and more. And in the short term (meaning this weekend!), Amy and I have been asked to plan a workshop for a group of teens around environmental issues.

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