Saturday, April 11, 2009

Organic update

Fred Meyer's didn't have any organic milk on sale today, so I purchased the non-organic, hormone-free variety from Trader Joe's. This has become important to me, because hormones in milk can lead to early puberty in children. My family is already prone to early puberty (my mom at 9, me at 10, and my sister at 11), and I want to protect my daughter from hitting puberty any sooner.

Grocery Outlet is a store that sells overstock from other stores, usually at 40-60% off the original prices. The downside is that you can't be certain what they'll carry from week to week, but the upside is that whatever they have is very inexpensive and sometimes they carry organic and natural products. This week I was able to purchase organic celery (99 cents a bunch! Awesome since celery is one of the top 10 most-pesticide laden veggies), as well as several organic canned goods.

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