Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Boston inspirations

I want to give credit to the organizations in Boston that have inspired some of our vision for Hilltop Farms. The first is "Food in the Neighborhood," led by the Bowdoin Street Health Center, which was where my family received our health care. We were part of the start-up of that group, which aims to bring information and access to good nutrition and healthy, affordable food to the community.

The second is The Food Project, a youth leadership and sustainable agriculture program that, in addition to being one of the "Food in the Neighborhood" partners, engages youth in urban and rural sustainable agriculture, provides food to the homeless, and offers an affordable, twice-weekly farmer's market in the neighborhood where we used to live. A lot of their curriculum materials are available online for free downloads, so I am reading through them to help with the Hilltop Farms planning.

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