Thursday, March 19, 2009

Other "green for the rest of us"* blogs

I just discovered a new blog today, called, "Black and Into Green," on going green from an African-American perspective. And the blogger's from my hometown, Cleveland! I commented on one of her posts and gave her my blog url, and I hope we can start communicating. She also has a blog roll that includes other African-American environmental blogs, so I'm excited.

* When I say "Green for the rest of us," I don't define "rest of us" as exclusively black or African-American. I mean "rest of us" in terms of anyone who wants to be greener, but has felt as though they couldn't or were limited in their ability to do so because environmentalism seemed to be a white thing, a wealth thing, an access thing, etc., as a result of real or perceived barriers. I want to talk about solutions to those issues, so that green CAN be something all of us can participate in and benefit from.

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