Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great product recommendation

For some reasons, the skin problems that have affected my scalp and face have never affected the rest of my body, so I've always been able to use commercial body lotions without problem. I've been looking for a good eco-friendly body lotion for a while. I like Alba Botanica and Trader Joe's body lotions, both of which contain mostly natural ingredients and feel great on the skin. However, both contain parabens as preservatives, which are possible carcinogens.

On a recent visit to Super Supplements, I found an awesome product: Alaffia Everyday Shea body lotion. There are so many great benefits to this products:

~ It's made from all-natural ingredients, including and primarily shea butter, which has been such a healing product for my face.*
~ The company operates according to fair trade practices.**
~ The founder of the company is from Togo, and started the company as a way to help empower his fellow Africans. They donate 10% of sales to community development projects in Togo.
~ For me, the company is local: it's headquartered in Olympia, WA.
~ It's very affordable. I paid $10 for a 32 oz. bottle. (Note: Products sold at Super Supplements tend to be cheaper than I find them elsewhere, so it normally retails for $13.99).

Please visit the Alaffia web site to learn more about the company's great story, as well as about the wonders of shea butter.


* Shea butter has a distinctive odor reminiscent of both chocolate and almonds. I really like the aroma, but it takes getting used to.

** Fair trade "means paying a fair price or wage in the local context, providing equal employment opportunities, engaging in environmental sustainable practices, providing healthy and safe working conditions, being open to public accountability, and reducing the number of middlemen between producers and consumers." Please see the Alaffia web site for more information about fair trade.

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