Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First steps to gardening

OK, the basil plant was in the window, and hubby was reading, and the sun was in his eyes... he closed the blinds and knocked over the plant. Bye-bye, basil.

I had very little luck finding TerraCycle plant food at Fred Meyer, Walgreens, and Home Depot (all places where they sell their products, according to their web site). However, I did find their plant food that is specifically for tomatoes at Home Depot. I purchased a mini-tomato starter kit, a set of kitchen herbs starter kit, and a packet of organic leaf lettuce seeds. It's still a little early to plant, and it will be containers, because Tacoma soil is apparently pretty toxic. I also purchased a little sunflower plant "kiddie kup," and my daughter helped me plant the seeds in it (which she thought was funny because, "Daddy eats seeds just like this!). I thought the sunflower would be fun for her, because it grows so big and we can plant it in the yard.

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  1. Great stuff, you have a very strong writing style - it really pull me in.